[Introspective] Re: "Disco" myth

Paulo paulo1 at iinet.net.au
Thu Feb 6 07:52:51 PST 2003

> Uhm, the mix of WEG is still unavailable elsewhere, the 
> Paninaro mix could only be found on the ultra-scarce Italian 
> 12" (good luck finding a copy today!), the mix of 
> Opportunities (Version Latina) is only available on the also 
> very scarce remix 12" of Opportunities. The Shep Pettibone 
> mix of LCQ was unavailable to all us Europeans, in fact 
> everyone outside the U.S. - I'd say that the original 
> Disco-album is a bloody good collection, at least for us 
> collectors and mix-lovers!
> /Mats

Hi Mats,

Not wanting to get picky but the mix of Paninaro on Disco is the same as the
one on the Suburbia 12", which was not all that rare at the time. Are you
thinking of the Ian Levine mix which does not appear on Disco??


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