[clamassassin-discuss] Clamassassin and rfc822

Bertrand Jacquin beber.mailing at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 05:09:08 PDT 2006


I've just made some tuning on my MTA (exim) to change subject and add
headers in all mail to known if mail contain virus or not. So I used
clamav & clamassasin, and wrote router and transport for it.

It's ok, headers and subjects are changed correctly.

What I would to do now it a Spamassassin like features.

With spamassassin I can include in body a summary of spam check (if
mail is detected as spam) with Score, and detailled score. And then
attach in rfc822 format mail before Spamassasin check.

Is there a way to do the same with Clamassassin ? If email contain a
malware or a virus, post a mail to user to inform it, that mail
contain XXX virus etc (in the body) .. and then in a rfc822 include
message before Clamassassin checks instead of "just" added headers
(which tell which virus have been detected) and subject modified.


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