[clamassassin-discuss] Clamassassin w/ Maildrop...

James Lick jlick at drivel.com
Sat Jan 14 18:12:23 PST 2006

Juan Gonzalez wrote:

> Seems like added maildrop support would be simple as the only 
> difference is the -f.

If I'm reading the documentation correctly it looks like formail's -f 
option and reformail's -f option(s) are opposites, so dropping the -f 
with reformail would seem to be the right solution.

> Hope this convinces you to add Maildrop support to future versions of 
> clamassassin...

It looks like an easy addition.  I assume you'd like it to be enabled by 
doing something like './configure --enable-maildrop'?

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