[clamassassin-discuss] rar files

James Lick jlick at drivel.com
Tue Nov 16 02:40:32 PST 2004

andre10997 wrote:
> when i try a clamscan --unrar via shell it is working properly.

Here's some things that might be different:

1) clamassassin uses full paths internally based on when configure is 
run.  Sometimes if you install new versions in a different location, you 
will run different binaries with the shell or clamassassin.

2) clamassassin may be running clamdscan instead of clamscan.  With 
clamdscan you need to change options in clamd.conf/clamav.conf instead 
of on the command line.

3) If all else fails try manually running "sh -x clamassassin < 
testmessage" which will trace what exactly the clamassassin script is doing.

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