[clamassassin-discuss] Procmail Entry

peyush peyush at in-reality.com
Sun Nov 14 23:07:13 PST 2004


Clam 0.80
Clamassassin 1.2.1

I have installed ClamAssassin with Sendmail.

Is there any way by which we can come to know if the virus was found in body
of the message or in attachment ?

I ask this because, if the virus is in  attachment, we need to just delete
the attachment and not the body of the message and vice versa.

Also, can anybody help me with recepie which would just delete the
attachement and not the body of the email ?

I am currently using the following recepie:

* ^X-Virus-Status: Yes
| formail -X ""

but this deletes the body of the message also :(


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