[clamassassin-discuss] ./configure fails (version 1.2.0)

James Lick jlick at drivel.com
Mon Aug 2 10:14:49 PDT 2004

James Lick wrote:

> Try upgrading ClamAV.  One other person reported similiar problems but 
> I haven't been able to get enough info to diagnose it further, but 
> your ClamAV 0.70 is a fairly old version.  The documentation for 
> clamassassin says it is designed for ClamAV 0.72 and higher.
> Jim

Hi Frank,

    I did some quick testing and found that this bug appears when using 
ClamAV 0.70 or lower.  Here are the known working versions of ClamAV:

0.71, 0.72, 0.73, 0.74, 0.75.1

    Known NOT working:

0.70 and older, 0.75

    In the next version of clamassassin I will make it pay closer 
attention to the the version numbers of ClamAV.

James Lick -- 黎建溥 -- jlick at jameslick.com -- http://jameslick.com/

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