[clamassassin-announce] New list, and version 1.1.0 bug

James Lick jlick at drivel.com
Wed Jun 30 03:00:30 PDT 2004

Hi Folks,

    I've created a general discussion mailing list for clamassassin as 
the number of mails I'm getting is rapidly increasing, and a couple of 
folks have asked for one.  This should help general communication of how 
to use clamassassin:


    Also I wanted to get the word out more widely of a bug in version 
1.1.0 which affects many Linux systems.  In it I hardcode to use the 
unix utility /bin/head, but on many Linux systems this is installed in 
/usr/bin/head.  I will be releasing a new version shortly that corrects 
this problem and makes the paths to all external programs configurable 
and auto-detected.  In the meantime, if you had trouble installing this 
version on your system, simply change the script to use /usr/bin/head 

James Lick -- 黎建溥 -- jlick at jameslick.com -- http://jameslick.com/

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