[trash-talk] Garbage in Copenhagen in November, 14 years to the day after Trondheim

Frank Rambol frank at d-fect.com
Fri Jun 26 13:07:43 PDT 2015


Is anyone that I met in Trondheim and Oslo november 2nd going to Copenhagen
this november 2nd?
Would be fun to meet up before the concert.

We're probably all older and different now, but Garbage has followed me
since that first album, and I thought that it just had to be destiny that
the concert in Trondheim and Copenhagen is on the same date, 14 years apart.

Fond memories from the concerts in Trondheim and Oslo. Especially since I
ended up meeting the whole band on the airport in Trondheim, talking to
Shirley for about half an hour before boarding the plane and sitting next
to Duke on the plane down to Oslo.

Hmmmm. Wonder where the pic of Shirley and me ended up?

- Frank

I will live forever!
          Or die trying...
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