[trash-talk] Is trash talk still active?

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I'm still here, since '96. I was 16 then. 32 now.

Like most of us, I've pretty much grown up, had a few jobs (happily employed atm). I'm transsexual, living full time as my true self now, which is awesome. Playing Roller Derby.

I only saw G twice on the NYKOP tour, but it's been amazing. A true celebration of the journey I've made. Back in 2005, I'd written a long letter and handed it to Shirley during the Madison show. It mostly explained how integral she had been in helping me find the courage to come out and keep moving forward. In April of 2012, she found that letter in her old tour wardrobe. She emailed me to let me know she was thinking of me, and put me on the guest list for the Atlantic City show.

Then just this past Saturday, I went to see them here in Philly. I caught her before sound check so I could thank her in person, and then during the show she sang a full verse of Cherry Lips directly serenading me. Folks standing nearby were asking my friend if we knew her. It was really just a beautiful, joyous, heartwarming experience, to have come so far, made it through the fire, and then have my girl Shirl know my whole story and celebrate it with me.

I don't follow their every move and buy every single like I did back in the day, but the G on my heart will always be there shining bright ;)

- Rita

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I miss being a trasher, throwing all of my enthusiasm into my band.  I've grown up and don't have as much time.  But I'm still pretty jazzed to see Shirl and Co. touring.

I know I joined when I was thirteen (I think) and I'm now 29.  I know I'm not the only member of the family that started to flutter away from the nest... What's everyone up to?

Susan Senn

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>I'm still here. Think we all just got busy
>Still LOVE my Shirl!
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