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Garbage 12 updates 
Wednesday 03/27/2013 Montreal, QC  
Thursday 03/28/2013 Toronto, ON  
Saturday 03/30/2013 Detroit, MI  
Sunday 03/31/2013 Cleveland, OH  
Tuesday 04/02/2013 Columbus, OH  
Wednesday 04/03/2013 Chicago, IL  
Friday 04/05/2013 Minneapolis, MN  
Saturday 04/06/2013 Milwaukee, WI  
Sunday 04/07/2013 Madison, WI  
Tuesday 04/09/2013 St. Louis, MO  
Wednesday 04/10/2013 Kansas City, MO  
Friday 04/12/2013 Las Vegas, NV 

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>So did anyone make it to a show this time around? Shirley's banter still cracks me up. She rambled on in portland about how lucky they felt that the new album was well received for about five minutes then got off on a rabbit trail and totally lost her train of thought and told the crowd how her mom told her to " never let anyone see your knickers!" She jumped down off the stage and circled the crowd at one point and then couldn't figure out how to get back on the stage once she got to the other side. That gal is a riot.
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