[trash-talk] Trash-talk mailing list going away

Thomas Young thermos77 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 25 17:23:57 PST 2007

its too bad thats its gota end.
if there is going to be another list i want to join.
i still hace my Only Happy When It Rains TT shirt with a few of our names on 
it that i ware on occation.
the list has quited down but still its sad to see it go.

aka - Thomas

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From: Digital Harmony <shell.bryson at dhnewmedia.com>
To: James Lick <jlick at drivel.com>, Garbage Trash-Talk <trash-talk at tcp.com>
Subject: Re: [trash-talk] Trash-talk mailing list going away
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 23:38:20 +0000

I guess it's between Rob and I, as I have dedicated servers in the US that
could easily host something like this.

....end of an era, though!


On 25/2/07 18:46, "James Lick" <jlick at drivel.com> wrote:

 > Rob Watson wrote:
 > I'm happy to host a new list if needed as long as someone
 > can sort out
 > setting it up.

Hi Guys,

    If someone here is willing to
 > host the list somewhere else, please
contact me about transitioning to a new
 > server.  The list is currently
using the Mailman software but migrating to
 > other list managers would
work too.

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