[trash-talk] Absolute Garbage (possible) tracklist - Re: Shirleysighting, Edinburgh

Sneza vixen at net.yu
Thu Feb 1 05:34:44 PST 2007

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From: "wilson king" <garbagebase at yahoo.com>

> Not only that, there was a link to download the whole thing as mp3, which 
> I did. I was able to identify the OHWIR live version as being from that 
> festival where the show was really late and it rained, Shirley does a 
> verse of Singing in the Rain over the intro.. Was that the Exit festival 
> in Serbia? or the MTV thing in Trieste Italy?

It was Exit festival 2005. in Serbia. I was there :) Garbage played around 
2.00. am because of the rain and that's what made Shirley sing  Singing in 
the Rain as an intro for OHWIR.

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