[trash-talk] Absolute Garbage - March 19 - 2007

Shell Bryson shell.bryson at dhnewmedia.com
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Yep! Tell me about it. We were talking about a DVD in 2001 as well. I still
don't have any updates on the release, other than "no date".



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I can confirm this, and a few other details:


1 CD

1 Enhanced CD

1 Mix CD

1 DVD containing *all* videos


The exact track lists, the inclusion of a new song, and the combinations of
discs have yet to be decided. The release dates are correct. We should have
artwork soon.


Garbage.com will have more details shortly.




Topic in  <http://groups.google.co.uk/group/alt.music.garbage?hl=en>

Fri 15 Feb 2002 

A DVD was produced, and as far as I know is waiting for release; although 
apparently this has happened before, but The Powers That Be keep delaying 
the release & content of the DVD. 


@ the garbage fan site -  <http://www.beautifulgarbage.co.uk/>


some delay!    lol :)









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