[trash-talk] [NGR] The Patriot Act in action

Mike M newbie61 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 21:28:45 PDT 2006

Whatever your opinions my be on the topic of terrorism, this news post and
especially the following discussion are worth reading as it brings your
values in life (e.g., freedom vs. security) into question (this is only
one of a number of political discussions that have taken place on this
site, but this is one of the best ones I've read so far so I wanted to
share it with those of you who do feel that this is something to be
concerned about):



(And if you weren't here or didn't happen to read this when I first shared
this link, http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200409/cullison (which I think
is an important article to read in order to gain an understanding about
what motivates terrorists (unsurprisingly, it's not what Bush says it
is...)) can now be read without a subscription.)

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