[trash-talk] Garbage on PBS soundstage!

Thomas Young thermos77 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 3 17:47:16 PDT 2006

WAHOO!!! PVR set...
here is what they preform

The band’s appearance on Soundstage includes many of their early hits like 
“Queer,” “Only Happy When it Rains” and “Stupid Girl,” along with selections 
from their latest offering, including the funky “Shut Your Mouth” and 
stellar songs like “Why Do You Love Me,” the trip-hoppy “Metal Heart” and 
the catchy rock of “Sex Is Not The Enemy.”

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Subject: [trash-talk] Garbage on PBS soundstage!
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 15:19:18 -0700 (PDT)


Not sure when it was taped or where it's from - perhaps this is a rerun
and I missed it the first time, but in any case this looks like a real

get the VCR/TIVO ready!

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