[trash-talk] NGR: Travels in England

raina46@aol.com raina46 at aol.com
Sun Jan 15 08:27:28 PST 2006

Hey Everyone,

  Since this list includes people from all over the globe, I have some 
questions for those of you who are familiar with traveling around 
England. I'm going to be in London and Cambridge for a week (I'm 
leaving on Wednesday!) and I'd like to hear recommendations from you 
guys about what I should do and see while I'm there. Also, since we 
don't have a lot of money, my friends and I are going to be staying in 
a hostel while we're in London. Any recommendations for good, 
inexpensive hostels?

  To give you an idea about who I am (so that you may get a better 
picture of what I might enjoy during my stay): I'm 22, and a music love 
and concert goer. I just graduated from college with a major in 
sociology and women's studies and I'm hoping to train to be a midwife 
eventually. I also love theater, dance , all things creative and funky 
vintage style clothing.

  Ok, well I fell like I just posted a personal ad. Weird. Anyway, I 
appreciate any suggestions that come my way!



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