[trash-talk] Garbage announce "indefinite hiatus" / breakup

Shirley Vixen shirleyvixen at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 21 11:06:12 PDT 2005

And yeah, currently *still* unofficial but I would expect a press release 
within the next week or so.

Taken from Melbourne Herald Sun

"We've not stopped for 10 years," the Scot said in Melbourne yesterday. "We 
always swore if it wasn't 100 per cent fun we'd stop it. So that's what 
we've decided to do. It was important for us to say 'we're tired, this is 
becoming hard, we should stop right now'. It's something we all felt was the 
right move. We discussed it in an adult fashion over dinner one day and 
since then a burden has been lifted from everybody and our live shows have 
been incredible."

Rumours of a split first surfaced when Garbage cancelled the European leg of 
their world tour, due to take place after Australia. Diehard fans are flying 
from across the globe to see the final show on the Australian tour in Perth 
on October 1.

Manson, however, said rather than any tension in the band it was being in "a 
good place" that led to the amicable split.

"Things feel really positive in the band, which makes it a good time to take 
a break. We just feel we've reached the end of our tether in terms of our 
touring cycle. I'm tired and I feel my life is out of control to a certain 
degree. I just need to get home. The rest of the band feels the same. As the 
life of a band continues you start to reassess your life and the role music 
plays in it."

But Manson said the band do not rule out regrouping in the future.

"I don't think we feel Garbage will ever be completely over. It's part of 
our lives, we still all get on well and love each other. We're taking a 
hiatus, I don't know if we're calling it a day."

Manson admits contemplating a solo career.

"It's something I will undoubtedly pursue at some point, but I don't think 
I'll ever make music with another band," Manson said.

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