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just found this on the proboards forum posted by GarbageGirl, its the 
Transcript of the show.

About rave culture:

“I was a huge clubber and taking ecstasy just introduced me to a whole side 
of myself I didn’t know existed … It was just a fantastic moment in my life”

About the success of female fronted bands such as Elastica:

“Generally, the women who are successful in rock music, it seems to me, tend 
to be the ones who have an aggressive streak, more of a ‘male streak’…

There’s a tradition in rock and roll that demands a certain kind of swagger 
and testosterone driven attitude…

There were all these bands with very strong, smart females involved in them 
– and yeah, it was an exciting time”

About Damon Albarn (Blur):

“Damon didn’t make people feel comfortable because there was some femininity 
in him which he couldn’t mask, no matter how hard he tried – but his 
intelligence couldn’t be masked either. (Sarcastically) I mean, God forbid 
that any intelligence seeps into a rock song!”

About the differences between Damon and Liam Gallagher (Oasis):

“Damon didn’t really fit in the way that Liam did – there was no arguing 
about it – he (Liam) was a testosterone-filled lad”

About the Spice Girls:

“I’m sure there’s a lot of women who took very positive messages from the 
Spice Girls – and so God bless them for that – but it’s the mixed messages 
that I find alarming”

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>Monday, November 14, 2005, 2:18:08 AM, trash-talk wrote:
> > Shirley was meant to be on 'Boys and girls sex in the 90s' last night on
> > BBC2 at 9.00pm did anyone catch it?
>joefish did... ;)
>Girls&Boys-Lennon-Jones - Readme.nfo:
>   BBC Documentary:
>   Girls and Boys - Sex and British Pop. A four part
>   series that tells the story of British pop music and
>   our changing attitudes to sex, gender and sexuality.
>   Channel 4 Documentaries:
>   The Real John Lennon
>   Brian Jones - Who Killed The Rolling Stone?
>   Source: UK DVB-S, DVB-T
>   Format: PAL DVD
>   No reposts. 10% par2s are included
>   There are six items in all, each of which is a complete
>   DVD structure which you can play/burn on its own, or
>   you can burn them all to two DVDs using the supplied
>   combo menus.
>   ----------------------------------------------
>   To make DVD1, copy into:
>   "Girls&Boys1+2+3 Combo Menu/VIDEO_TS"
>   Girls&Boys 1 - Love Me Do:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_02
>   Girls&Boys 2 - Oh You Pretty Things:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_03
>   Girls&Boys 3 - Tainted Love:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_04
>   --------------------------------------------
>   To make DVD2, copy into:
>   "Girls&Boys4+Lennon+BrianJones Combo Menu/VIDEO_TS"
>   Girls&Boys 4 - Wannabe:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_02
>   John Lennon:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_03
>   Brian Jones:
>   copy *all* files which start with VTS_04
>   --------------------------------------------
>   -------------------------------------------------
>   4x 16:9 PAL DVD 59 mins, 1.4GB approx (per episode).
>   -------------------------------------------------
>   1. Love Me Do
>   The 60s brought short skirts, long haired men in
>   kaftans, the pill, and legalised gay sex. There were
>   gay managers like Brian Epstein, the rise of the beat
>   groups like The Beatles and the Stones, and the new pop
>   girls like Cilla Black, Marianne Faithfull and Sandi Shaw.
>   2. Oh You Pretty Things
>   The 70s were a decade of sexual exploration in which
>   glam rock pioneers Marc Bolan and David Bowie
>   encouraged boys to play with their sisters' make-up
>   boxes, whilst heavy rockers Led Zeppelin invented
>   the macho myths of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll -
>   much to the dismay of the nascent feminist movement.
>   Punk served up a subversive sexual image that
>   empowered women whilst the Bee Gees' disco rhythms
>   turned Saturday night in the suburbs into a ritual
>   of dancing and sex. In the mixed-up, shook-up world
>   of the 1970s, girls could be boys and boys could be
>   girls.
>   3. Tainted Love
>   In the 80s sex and pop went hand in hand. It was the
>   decade of glossy, flamboyant pop in a politically divided
>   Britain. The new romantics, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran,
>   set the tone. Style was the price of entry into the new
>   world of gender bending sexual experimentation. Disco
>   came out of the closet and hit the mainstream. Then a
>   new disease changed all the rules.
>   4. Wannabe
>   90s pop begins with a new smiley face and men discovering
>   their softer side as the party picks up again and young
>   Brits learn to shed their inhibitions. Manchester becomes
>   the new centre of the pop universe as the Boy Band makes
>   yet another grand entrance - this time with no guitars and
>   no shirts either - as Take That muscle into the hearts
>   and minds of young girls and gay guys everywhere. Come
>   the mid-90s, it's New Labour, Britpop and Cool Britannia.
>   But the big battle is Irony v Laddism as Blur and Oasis
>   slug it out for the soul of the party. Then 5 girls walk
>   in off the street, add a little Spice to the mix, and take
>   the country by storm. Robbie and Kylie become Pop Idols
>   of the era.
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>   THE REAL JOHN LENNON (Channel4 2000)
>   16:9 PAL DVD  78 mins, 1.67GB
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>   The John Lennon story told with archive footage and
>   interviews, mostly from Cynthia`s point of view.
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>   16:9 PAL DVD  47 mins, 1.00GB
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>   The life and death of the Rolling Stones` Brian Jones, told
>   with archive footage and interviews.
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