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Mike M newbie61 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 04:24:16 PST 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005, 2:18:08 AM, trash-talk wrote:

> Shirley was meant to be on 'Boys and girls sex in the 90s' last night on 
> BBC2 at 9.00pm did anyone catch it?

joefish did... ;)


Girls&Boys-Lennon-Jones - Readme.nfo:

  BBC Documentary:
  Girls and Boys - Sex and British Pop. A four part
  series that tells the story of British pop music and
  our changing attitudes to sex, gender and sexuality.

  Channel 4 Documentaries:
  The Real John Lennon
  Brian Jones - Who Killed The Rolling Stone?

  Source: UK DVB-S, DVB-T
  Format: PAL DVD

  No reposts. 10% par2s are included

  There are six items in all, each of which is a complete
  DVD structure which you can play/burn on its own, or
  you can burn them all to two DVDs using the supplied
  combo menus.
  To make DVD1, copy into:
  "Girls&Boys1+2+3 Combo Menu/VIDEO_TS"

  Girls&Boys 1 - Love Me Do:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_02

  Girls&Boys 2 - Oh You Pretty Things:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_03

  Girls&Boys 3 - Tainted Love:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_04

  To make DVD2, copy into:
  "Girls&Boys4+Lennon+BrianJones Combo Menu/VIDEO_TS"

  Girls&Boys 4 - Wannabe:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_02

  John Lennon:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_03

  Brian Jones:
  copy *all* files which start with VTS_04

  4x 16:9 PAL DVD 59 mins, 1.4GB approx (per episode).

  1. Love Me Do

  The 60s brought short skirts, long haired men in
  kaftans, the pill, and legalised gay sex. There were
  gay managers like Brian Epstein, the rise of the beat
  groups like The Beatles and the Stones, and the new pop
  girls like Cilla Black, Marianne Faithfull and Sandi Shaw.

  2. Oh You Pretty Things

  The 70s were a decade of sexual exploration in which
  glam rock pioneers Marc Bolan and David Bowie
  encouraged boys to play with their sisters' make-up
  boxes, whilst heavy rockers Led Zeppelin invented
  the macho myths of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll -
  much to the dismay of the nascent feminist movement.
  Punk served up a subversive sexual image that
  empowered women whilst the Bee Gees' disco rhythms
  turned Saturday night in the suburbs into a ritual
  of dancing and sex. In the mixed-up, shook-up world
  of the 1970s, girls could be boys and boys could be

  3. Tainted Love

  In the 80s sex and pop went hand in hand. It was the
  decade of glossy, flamboyant pop in a politically divided
  Britain. The new romantics, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran,
  set the tone. Style was the price of entry into the new
  world of gender bending sexual experimentation. Disco
  came out of the closet and hit the mainstream. Then a
  new disease changed all the rules.

  4. Wannabe

  90s pop begins with a new smiley face and men discovering
  their softer side as the party picks up again and young
  Brits learn to shed their inhibitions. Manchester becomes
  the new centre of the pop universe as the Boy Band makes
  yet another grand entrance - this time with no guitars and
  no shirts either - as Take That muscle into the hearts
  and minds of young girls and gay guys everywhere. Come
  the mid-90s, it's New Labour, Britpop and Cool Britannia.
  But the big battle is Irony v Laddism as Blur and Oasis
  slug it out for the soul of the party. Then 5 girls walk
  in off the street, add a little Spice to the mix, and take
  the country by storm. Robbie and Kylie become Pop Idols
  of the era.

  THE REAL JOHN LENNON (Channel4 2000)
  16:9 PAL DVD  78 mins, 1.67GB
  The John Lennon story told with archive footage and
  interviews, mostly from Cynthia`s point of view.

  16:9 PAL DVD  47 mins, 1.00GB
  The life and death of the Rolling Stones` Brian Jones, told
  with archive footage and interviews.

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