[trash-talk] NYC Letterman Pictures

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Fri May 27 02:53:23 PDT 2005

I'm so upset.... I'm going to have to wear a hat to the shows I'm going to 
next week.. I finally found a hairdo I could be happy with, a hairdo that 
actually looks good on me, and what happens??? Shirley beats me to it!! But 
I decieded 'f**k it, I'm doing it anyway, I've been holding on to this idea 
for too long'. Now I kinda wish I'd waited till I got home with doing it.... 
I look good, but at what price? Fans will accuse me of trying to look like 
Shirley, and what will Shirley herself think when I show up with yet another 
identical hairdo? I learned my lesson with the Cherry Lips do, damn it, I 
swore I'd never do it again!!! Damn it, Shirley, why couldn't you have kept 
the long curls just a few more weeks?? :'( Things aren't going my way at all 
these days..... I'm so bummed out.


PS. Sorry for the rant, it was bound to come out sooner or later...... this 
is nothing, tho, compared to the problems that lie ahead.. Life's a bitch.

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>Ok, finally! Here are the pictures I promised!
>I don't know how I got 2 with Shirley, but I did!
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