[trash-talk] New Releases

Rob at the Garbage Discography garbagedisco at hotmail.com
Sun May 22 02:23:20 PDT 2005

Have yet to see this on TT

Run Baby Run artwork
Should be out on June 20 in Germany not 100% sure on the rest of Europe yet, 
would have been nice for Garbage.com to have placed Release Dates with the 
The 4 track single is also coming out in Australia on July 10 via Festival 
Mushroom Records.

# Honey Bee
# Never Be Free
# Badass (October 2003 Ruff Demo)

The UK Sex is not the Enemy CD will have Honey Bee as the B-side. Unsure 
about the tracklisting for the 7" and DVD if they are released again which I 
would expect to happen.


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