[trash-talk] The NYC Experience

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 23:45:41 PDT 2005

So. My plane lands in NYC at 12:30PM. My sister and I
get our asses running to get me checked into my hostel
and to the Ed Sullivan Theater. We get there around
2:30PM. We have no idea if Garbage are already there
or not. A friend of my sister says that all guests
enter the building through a door on the left side of
the building, but there were many doors. We saw Paul
Shaffer go through this one set of double doors so we
stayed there. Then this guy comes up to us and
comments on a Garbage picture I’m holding. He asked if
that was the band that was scheduled for the show. He
tells us the band will be going through another, even
bigger, set of double doors further on down the
sidewalk. Sure enough, as I’m running to get there out
of pure excitement, I pass all of the black equipment

About 15 minutes later, a black SUV drives towards us.
My sister recognizes it as one of the vehicles
celebrities always use outside SNL. And as the SUV got
closer I could see Duke! Someone in the front gets out
and opens the side doors. Shirley, in all of her
beauty and glory steps out. I’m saying something
stupid like, “omg, omg, omg.“  My sis starts chanting
“Shirley, Shirley” and that’s when the cutest little
smile hit her face. She walks right up to me. Me and
my sis are the only ones there to see them. Now this
were everything gets fuzzy! I remember nearly crying
as I hugged Shirley. I asked her to sign my BLM CD.
She then hands to the rest of the band members to
sign. I got to hug Duke & Shirley. It all happened so
quickly.  I remember hearing was Shirley saying
something to me like "...you don't look old enough to
have been a fan for 10 years." I asked Butch to sign a
promo photo I had that was missing his signature (You
know those pictures the Vteams sent out as prizes for
promoting the Shut Your Mouth single). I caught Steve
and asked for a picture before he went inside. So I
only got pictures with Shirley and Steve. I got the
nerve to ask Shirley for a little kiss, just a little
one. She smiled again, but refused. Oh well, I tried.
She was still as sweet as could be. They all were. I
wish I had something for them, like flowers, or

We stayed for the taping to be over and see them as
they left. While I was waiting I asked this guy if was
one of their roadies, after all he was wearing a
Garbage All Access pass. I asked him if he could find
out what song they were going to do, I was sure it was
BLM. He still went inside and came back out and said
BLM. He then gave me a Garbage guitar pick (black with
silver lettering). And this pick showed signs of being
used. He gave one to me and one to my sis (a white
one, and yes I wanted to take it from her!). 

In between all of that time, all of these other people
showed. Non-Garbage fans that just wanted autographs
to sell. I HATE those people. 

It was around 5:45 that the guests were beginning to
leave, first Billy Crystal. (Boy, he is small in
person) Then Garbage came out, which is what those
pictures are of Shirley at Wire Images. I just wanted
to take as many pictures as I could of them leaving, I
didn’t want to bother for more autographs. As Duke
walked by, I asked him how the show went. His reply,
“The show was great, we were fantastic." How could
Garbage not be?! After everything was done and they
had left, I looked around to see what was signed.
Shirley didn’t sign for anyone! I was so happy she did
that. She had only signed for me before the show. It’s
like she knew I was the only hard-core fan out of the
group. And within seconds after Garbage was gone, all
of those people were gone too. I at least wanted to
see the gear get packed up. I saw Steve’s acoustic get
backed up. Another crew member gave me another guitar
pick (the white one like my sister had gotten) We were
about to leave when I had finally recognized this guy
that had been out there for a while. It was Billy
Bush. I told him I had recognized him from a little
picture that was in the Keyboard magazine from 1999! I
walked up to him and asked him to sign my BLM booklet.

This hands down has to be the most incredible moment
of my life!!! I didn't get to actually see the band
perform, but I think meeting them was more important.
I did set my VCR to tape it though. As I watched it,
the reception on my TV for CBS was horrible. CBS
better repeat it!

I was also able to get a copy of the Why Do You Love
Me aussie single for only 3.99! What a deal! I found
here for 8.00. Good thing I waited to buy it.

That’s about it. Next up will be the pictures, I need
to get moving to get them developed!


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