[trash-talk] LoCo's favorite Garbage noises

LoCo lcgarbage at earthlink.net
Wed May 18 18:36:25 PDT 2005

Alan, it's good to see you haven't changed.  ;)


Alan Hoppe wrote:

> I'm thinking that LoCo loves that part in 'Sex Is Not The Enemy' where 
> Shirley goes "Oh-Ohh  -- Oh-Ohhh" (it sounds sooooooooooooo 80s and 
> Shirrrrrrrrl and just so fun)
> There's one other part of the album that makes me think of LoCo but I 
> can't think of it offhand because I'm in this goofy internet cafe and 
> they're playing some non_garbage_related cheezeeeeeeeeeeee.
> -Alan-

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