[trash-talk] BLM Promo Art

wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 10:48:08 PDT 2005

So I wonder why the radio edit version is 27 seconds shorter. Do they
cut out the entire "JT gets all f'd up..." verse? My guess is that they
do, I think that totally bites. 

And speaking of editing, I wonder what they'll play on Letterman
tonight. If it's Bleed Like Me I sure hope they don't omit that verse.
It's my favorite verse of that song. Just say 'messed up' or

--- Manson <manson26 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ok, this is for that someone that asked me to share
> them, I can't remember who. There'll be a different
> for each file. (As to TT won't let me send it at
> once!)
> BLM Back Insert
> April

"The greatest price of refusing to participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors."

 - Plato, The Republic

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