[trash-talk] other bad g lyrics

Stefanie Schwartz skull at spastica.net
Wed May 11 09:30:46 PDT 2005

"say what, sugar?  you wanna get what?"
always struck me as a really lame desperate stab at rhyming.

the phrasing of "complete chaos" on boys wanna fight also sounds like she was desperate to find a line to fit there.

not that i don't love both those songs.

don't even get me started on "androgyny" as a whole.  again, i love beautifulgarbage, i do. really.  but occasionally a song comes on and i question how that song even made it onto an album.  "here's a song about boys, and girls, and fucking... in the bathroom... on a cruise ship... with fruit!"  "i smell a single!"

at least shirley has never written about shit being bananas, and then spelled it.
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