[trash-talk] I may be a pest pointing this out... BUT

Ian Abbott iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Sun May 8 08:11:03 PDT 2005

The Director's Label is great, and it shows the disdain of the music  
industry for promo directors that Cunningham, Jonez and Gondry had to  
actually form their own distribution label at Palm Pictures to get  
their work out to the masses... Without that most of their stuff  
would remain unseen again.

As for DL, there's a new batch due in August: Mark Romanek, Jonathan  
Glazer, Anton Corbijn, and Stéphane Sednaoui.

Marvellous stuff - and because they're compiled by the actual  
directors in question they take more care in it, rather than getting  
some random do-it-all designer to slap together a DVD in an afternoon.


On 8 May 2005, at 01:23, Silver Vow wrote:

> industry isn't tapping the potential to download and or buy  
> compliations of
> music videos.  I would and have bought a few out there, like the Chris
> Cunningham, Spike Jonez, and Michael Gandry (sp?) DVD set (I love  
> it!!)

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