[trash-talk] I may be a pest pointing this out... BUT

matt ifeelintoxicated at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 22:18:02 PDT 2005

Exactly.  Are we supposed to sit around twiddling our
thumbs waiting for the "offical" DVD to come out?  Or
can we download a video to watch it whenever we want?

I never once saw the WDYLM video on TV in the US.  I
don't get Fuse, MTV doesn't play Garbage anymore, and
VH1 plays videos at 4am.  I assume I'll never see the
BLM video either, which is why I downloaded it.  Why
should I wait 5 years for an official video, when I
can watch it now when it's relevant?  Videos are
promotional tools, and if they wanted to make them
commercial releases, they would have released another
collection by now.

Same thing with b-sides.  If someone were to buy an
OOP single now, the money would go solely to the
seller - the band would not receive royalties, and the
"sale" would not count for any chart.  So what's the
harm in downloading an old b-side?  Because there's a
chance it might appear on a b-sides collection in the
future?  The same b-sides collection we've been
hearing about since 1999?

--- LoCo <lcgarbage at earthlink.net> wrote:
> What if the band were to release a DVD collection? 
> Seems we've been 
> waiting for that for some time now.  I'd love to
> spend my money on a DVD 
> with all their videos - my wallet is open, waiting
> for them to take my 
> money.  But that's a whole other discussion.
> I seriously doubt anyone but hardcore fans would buy
> a Garbage DVD 
> collection anyway, which is probably why we haven't
> seen one yet.  I see 
> nothing wrong with the videos getting out to the
> public on the 'net.  
> What's the difference between a video being
> downloaded off the Internet 
> and a video being taped off the TV?  Either way, you
> could argue it 
> discourages someone from purchasing an official
> release later on.  So, I 
> guess the videos shouldn't be shown on TV either. :)
> I just see a video as a promotional tool.  It's
> there to try to drum up 
> more interest in the album that's out currently. 
> Shell, you'd certainly 
> know better than I, but I'd be surprised if the band
> has any problem 
> with us sharing the videos.  And if they do, well,
> they'll get over it.
> -Loco
> Shell Bryson wrote:
> Just because it's not released in your country is
> not an excuse. What if 
> the
> band were to release a DVD collection? It might be
> deemed pointless by the
> label if everyone has already ripped off copies.
> While hardcore fans would
> buy a DVD for their collection, once a video gets
> onto a P2P network no
> casual fan is likely to spend the money. Even if
> ever hardcore fan bought a
> copy, a DVD would instantly be a costly exercise.
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