[Trash-talk] Bleed Like Me video

Pbecwar at netscape.net Pbecwar at netscape.net
Fri May 6 06:42:01 PDT 2005

I WONDERED where you were.  


"Susan Senn" <kanuz at hotmail.com> wrote:

>I really, really like this video.  I like it way more than WDYLM.  It's a 
>little dark, though, especially if this is supposedly the US single.  Are 
>they still doing the three single thing?  If so did anyone notice that this 
>video had UK licensing at the end?  I don't really think this is the best 
>choice for the second single.  Don't get me wrong I think Bleed Like Me is 
>one of the stongest tracks on the album, but it's a little dark for the 
>bubblegum poptastic world of the US mainstream.  I would have thought they 
>would have gone with Sex is Not the Enemy for the second single in hopes to 
>give them enough mainstream leverage to release a darker single and have it 
>not scare people off.  I think Metal Heart is the strongest song off the 
>whole album and I wish they'd realease that as a single, but I also know 
>that's not a single at all.  Sigh.
>"Every day like Jesus He's not up there, He can't see us. Maybe.  Eyes 
>uplifted slowly, for effect, the land below me far away."
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