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Daphne daphnegrecchi77 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 29 00:07:47 PST 2005

Hi Shell,
Just got back from the Easter break and read this.
I will be around tomorrow of course and i'm up for it all, i'll look out for you.
I'll collect my ticket from Clear Channel in my lunch break and then will leave work around 4:30-5.If anyone wants to hook up for a bit before the gig as well, let me know i'll have my mobile on and will check my email throughout the day.
Definitely up for post-gig drinks, bring them on!


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From: "Shell Bryson" 
Subject: [Trash-talk] Garbage fan videos
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Hi all,

The Garbage Fan Site and Garbage.com will both be filming at the Scala gig
this coming week. If you are interested in being interviewed for the
official site (fan video section, and possibly a DVD), or for
QueenHelen/Subhuman.net, we will be wondering up and down the queue outside
the venue. We will be in London all day - so if anyone is game for a short
interview before the gig ("garbage fan interviews") drop me an email or
phone the mobile number in my signature.

We will also be shooting photos from the press pit of the gig and audience,
and we will be running a Kerrang!-like competition in the next few weeks. If
you spot us shoving a lens in your face, smile! :-) Look out for Sirin and
me with "subhuman.net" passes and come up for a chat.

Anyone who's hanging around in London the day after the gig, I propose a
post-gig drink :-)



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