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Wed Mar 16 20:24:26 PST 2005

Thats pretty cool that two really awesome bands are performing the same  
night at the same venue. I believe in my opinion that it is worth sticking  around 
to see Handsome Boy Modeling School but I wonder who will turn up at the  
show since Handsome Boy Modeling School is mainly Prince Paul & Dan The  
Automator but a lot guests on the album. Check out the song "I've Been Thinking"  
which features Cat Power on vocals.
As for Garbage on myspace.com I remember reading a while back in the  profile 
that it said something that the band has nothing to do with the profile  but 
that might of changed since then.
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mmmmshowerscenes at yahoo.com writes:

this  might come as bad news to some going to the
philadelphia show. i read on  theateroflivingarts.net
that another band, handsome boy modeling school,  is
playing the same night at the tla as garbage!!! it
says that show is  at 11, and garbage is at 7. so...
with crowds getting to enter there at  10... that seems
that the garbage show may be short. or just not as
long  as we all may want it to be. 

HOWEVER... if you've never gone to a show  in philly,
specifically the tla, you may not know that shows tend
to  start late. not too badly, but it never seems to be
too on time. but  anyway, just thought i'd throw that
all out  there.


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