[Trash-talk] A couple of things (DJ pet peeves)

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Wed Mar 9 12:24:50 PST 2005

I hate how some DJ's have REALLY ANNOYING morning shows.  One of them will say someting stupid and they'll both force themselves to laugh, thinking their stupid laughter will be contagious and generate lots of ad revenue.  Then of course they call themselves something stupid yet catchy like "Glenboy and Glow".


"Chris Sanchez" <webmaster at axisallareas.com> wrote:

>dunnn for got to send this to the trash talk address....
>you are correct the dj's are told what to play and when to play it. The
>particular dj in dallas we are talking about happens to be the program
>director. He is also a dj.
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>> not that i know for fact but
>> DJs have little or no control over what is played on the radio from what i
>heard.  you want to bitch?? go to their program directors-- i was told an
>hour of airplay = 1 or 2 songs that DJ wants or songs that were requested
>> i could be entirely wrong but that's what i'm told-- 
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