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I am in Dallas and AYO is a jerk off. They EDGE went from alternative to rock. Yet they stil call themselves alternative. Metallica is not alternative. AYO is mroe concerned with nobody local bands than national acts. I sent him over 4000 emails requesting the new garbage. It was played yesterday at about 4:45. I also sent him a scathing email about why I went to satellite radio. I hate DJ's they are the lowest form of celebrity. If you can even call them that. I never listen to a station for a DJ nor have I quit listening because a DJ left. I went to satellite cause there are no commercials, they dont play the same 6 songs every hour, and they play new music that is climbing the charts. To request garbage in dallas  email

ayo at kdge.com

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  First of all, on Monday, Steve has featured on the MTV Radio News Network program. This is a 1 minute thing featured on alternative radio channels. I was freaking out, so I missed the entire thing. I heard it, but I can't remember a thing about what he said.

  Next, I got a radio promo of WDYLM from a DJ here at the Edge. I thinks it's a different one from the one on the Garbage discography site. The CD itself has different artwork from the ones I've seen online. Rob, if you want the details, let me know.


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