[Trash-talk] info on Why do you love me singles

Rob at the Garbage Discography garbagedisco at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 5 08:55:25 PST 2005

Unknown at the moment for the uk release/s, it may be 2 cd's (one 2/3 track 
and one 4/5 track) - Release date March 28th. I'll hopefully have more 
details on this Tuesday.

Australia 1 CD
1. Why Do You Love Me
2. Space Can Come Through Anyone
3. Nobody Can Win
4. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
5. Enhanced Video

Release date was March 28th, then March 27, now March 20th the date seems to 
change by the day (as does the track listing!) - and that's on Festival 
Musoom Records site.

E-Single is rumoured, March 22nd.


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>So what are the official formats and b-sides to the single?
>And does the single have 2 parts and a vinyl?
>(Sorry if it's been asked, I just rejoined the mailing list after a 6 years
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