[trash-talk] Uk Tour

Rob @ the Garbage Discography garbagedisco at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 08:34:16 PDT 2005

The Apollo in Manchester
The Cardiff Arena in Cardiff
Guildhall in Portsmouth
Hammersmith Apollo in London
NIA in Birmingham
Academy in Glasgow
Usher Hall in Edinburgh

No dates yet because for some unknown reason Garbage.com thought it was a 
great idea to post the names of Venues for the forthcoming Garbage tour here 
in the UK without the dates!

Shell could you possibly ask the people who post news on Garbage.com to 
included dates on news stories such as tour dates and singles as this has 
now happened twice and it's kind of pointless unless all the information is 
there. It would be like the FA posting a list of all the premiership 
fixtures without any dates the games take place.

Hopefully the venues will stay in this order and that they won't change 
around because it will work out better for us fans who go from show to show.


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