[trash-talk] Shirley's mic stand questions

Brendan Kelly garbageotaku at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 20:18:06 PDT 2005

She actually has two mic stands that I saw on the US tour in May.  Both are clear and cylindrical, but covered in a pattern of rhinestones.  One is covered in red and white rhinestones, and the other in red or purple rhinestones.  Until I saw them side-by-side, I didn't even realize she had two different stands.
In pictures, and from a distance at the shows, I thought they were ribbed, but then I was able to get close enough to see the stones on several occassions.  In fact, now that I've been up close, I'm pretty sure I didn't actually see ANY ribbed mic stands.  I think the rhinestones just create the illusion of ribs because of the way the light bends through the plastic.  Anyway, I hope that helps.  I have no idea what kind of plastic they're made out of.
- Brendan

Darren <dnemeth01 at charter.net> wrote:
Shirley's mic stand is almost as famous as she is these days. I rarely see
a concert photo folio without it. :)

Here is my question: What clear material is it made of?

Acrilic (mispelled)?

Is the designer known?

I was stageside once on Garbage's last big tour but don't remember seeing
the same stand. The current one is "ribbed". The 2002 was totally
cylindrical, as I recall.

Seriously, I want to know.

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