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Jess, thank you so much for that! hats off to the Sunflower team then, you guys look so sweet!!!
Getting to the front row at such a major festival like the RAM is pretty impressive, i really hope they broadcast the Garbage set this Friday....
WDR please * goes down on her knees*, don't let us down!


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To Continue: The concert at Rock am Ring, Germany was great although it was 
cold and rainy (not during the gig). Anyway, we managed to get in the first row 
(actually we stayed 10 hours there til garbage came on at 22:50 h). A kind of 
best of garbage setlist (see below). Metal Heart and Run Baby Run were very 
cool..we had our fun.
Vow was titled by Shirley as "old school garbage" *lol*
Her outfit was all black/white and adapted to the weather (black cap and high 
adidas boxer-sneakers). First pics I found at 


And as I already said, we are the ones with the sunflowers:-)

The setlist:

1) Bad Boyfriend
2) Supervixen
3) Stupid Girl
4) Sex Is Not The Enemy
5) Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
6) When I Grow Up
7) Vow
8) Metal Heart
9) I Think I'm Paranoid
10) Run Baby Run
11) Push It
12) Only Happy When It Rains
13) Why Do You Love Me 

The Rockpalast team will decide on Friday which concerts they will show on 
air. Check www.rockpalast.de for details, pics etc.

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