[trash-talk] RE: Paradiso Amsterdam pics

Adam Vopicka darkling at garbage.cz
Sun Jun 5 04:11:44 PDT 2005

>     Adam, is that you in the last pic with Steve? I saw you there then. 
> I was sitting on the kerb stone behind the tour bus for a while after 
> the show with my g/f. Just the two of us sitting around there.

Hello, yes, that's me. I remember you too :)

>     I've got a few short video segments taken on my mobile. Got 
> Shirley's little speeches recorded but don't know how to convert the 
> .3gp files to .mpg or similar. Can anyone help?

I found this guide for example: http://www.gromkov.com/faq/faq2004-0067.html
You can also send it to me if you want and I can (try to) convert it.


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