[trash-talk] trash talk moderated now?

Queen Helen fanclub queenhelenfanclub at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 28 12:40:44 PDT 2005

And what would be moderated? What would be okay and
not okay to post? It also seems that whenever politics
are involved in an NGR post, there is a problem. Which
is weird considering the band the list is about...

But I noticed the censorship... last year I think...
and that's when I decided and said I would never post
on TT again. I still post when I need to, but really
rarely, and I've lost a lot of "respect" or something,
for it. TT doesn't mean as much to me anymore. I was
too shocked... 

--- wilson king <garbagebase at yahoo.com> wrote:

> It appears that trash-talk is now a moderated list. 
> When did that happen? And by whose authority? 
> I just made 2 posts to the list, and got email bot
> replies saying they
> will only be posted to the list upon moderator
> approval... 
> So who is moderating this list? WHY is it being
> moderated now after
> roughly 9 years? Why wasn't an announcement even
> posted to the list
> explaining the new change to list policy? 
> I don't get it...
> -Bill
> "The greatest price of refusing to participate in
> politics is being governed by your inferiors."
>  - Plato, The Republic
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