[trash-talk] Cat out of the bag.... European / UK tour cancelled

Thomas Young thermos77 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 25 10:39:15 PDT 2005

wonder if it has anything to do with the massive flooding over there right 
Swis is saying its their worst flooding in history.
hope all our Euro Trashers are ok.

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depression, i am only happy when it rains..."
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Subject: [trash-talk] Cat out of the bag.... European / UK tour cancelled
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:34:54 +0100

Well this isn't officially out yet, but TicketMaster email a lot of people
today. Garbage have pulled out of the European and UK tour in October. We'll
be posting specific on garbage.com when we're allowed. Sorry to break the
bad news :-(


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