[trash-talk] vegas baby

Chris Sanchez webmaster at axisallareas.com
Wed Aug 24 22:44:42 PDT 2005

what is it about this show that has everyone going? this is gonna be a fun

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> i'm going and so are a few other east coasters (molly of
> dukester.org, trash mike, and my friend sara who's never
> seen g).  we already have a trash talk party planned with
> heather and jazz.
> we plan on partying until our flight leaves at 5 pm the
> next day.
> for real.
> i am going to be so drunk.. i'm going to make out with
> everybody on this list.
> paypal me twenty bucks now and you can get in on the
> pre-sale.
> i can't effin wait.
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