[trash-talk] HOLY COW TT IS AWAKE!

Petra Ta petra at houston.rr.com
Wed Aug 24 09:32:50 PDT 2005

Garbage fans flaming wars.  NGR topics. Official website letdown.  How


^^ Hi Alan. Welcome back!  


How's university doing Loula???


I'm glad you had a great time Shell/Sirin.  Glad you kiddoes were safe!  


QH US members should get all their zines within a week (I sent out to my
knowledge all #13's).  ^^ yippee!


Rob. when are we getting married?!?! (Altho I think he's out of the country?
to reply?)


*huggles Thomas Young* ^^


Garbage box, Garbage disco all get ^^ tones of starts from me ******


Okay. big props to garbage fans for keeping me informed due to lack of
interaction with the band and all that hoo ha.


Thanks for making trash-talk because without it me would be ever more


-- Petra!

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