[trash-talk] Support our Troops

Thomas Young thermos77 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 11:36:29 PDT 2005

dont worry... i will not resend it...
just wanted to put it out there once for anyone who is interested...
i am sure i will be flamed for it by a few ppl...
i will speak no more of it...

"...your nothing special here..."
"...you want to hear about my new obsession, i am riding high on a deep 
depression, i am only happy when it rains..."
"...don't think you're having all the fun  you know me i hate everyone..."

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I'm sorry but I disagree. Can you please keep this off this list?


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You may not agree with the war, but you can not be mad at our troops.
If you wish to help support our troops you can.


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