[Trash-talk] Someone has to break the silence...

Susan Senn kanuz at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 19:37:57 PDT 2004

Well, again...briefly break the silence.

I have so much Garbage story to share, but it will have to wait...for a 
while.  Then booyah! so much stuff will I have to tell.

I did catch Shirl on I Love The 90's, though.  She was one of the hotties of 
'95 (I think is was '95, by the fifth hour they start to run together).  
Ironicallym they used a picture og 2001 Shirl for '95.  Silly monkeys.

I need a favor, too.  I'm parting ways with a dear, beloved, and useless 
skateboard deck and was wondering if anyone could spot me picture for the 
posting on eBay.  What do you expect?  I'm poverty addled and in college.  
Book lernin's expensive.

Off to study Czech.


"Every day like Jesus He's not up there, He can't see us. Maybe.  Eyes 
uplifted slowly, for effect, the land below me far away."

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