[Trash-talk] Siouxsie Tour

Stefanie Schwartz skull at spastica.net
Wed Sep 8 10:00:24 PDT 2004

i went last night in new york city.  it's mostly a creatures show although
we did get some fabulous siouxsie favourites ('kiss them for me,' 'cities in
dust,' 'arabian knights,' 'spellbound' and a few others, although from what
i hear most shows have not been so lucky).  she sounds great, budgie sounds
great, everybody sounds great.  and they look great!  despite some issues
with the sound guy and sioux at one point storming off the stage, they put
on an amazing show.  definitely go if you can.  the venues are tiny and
they're all incredible to watch.
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> Has anyone here been to one of the recent Siouxsie
> shows? I plan on going. I was wondering if anyone
> would care to share what it's like (setlist)?
> April
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