[Trash-talk] Yon Lifetime performance with the Blondie

Susan Senn kanuz at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 28 21:30:02 PDT 2004

My running commentary (I've honestly got nothing better to do with my 

First performace:  Awww that just reminded me of how much I miss Garbage.  
Shirl's voice sounds amazing.  Better than it ever has in my humble little 
opinion.  And Shirl looks great.  She looks like she did when Garbage first 
started.  nd I was happy to have her red hair back and long; much better 
than the blonde.  The only thing that bothered me is that in the first set 
shirl had a piece of thread on her chest. That was driving me nuts.

Can I just say that the rest of the show...nails on a chalkboard.  I mean 
the breast cancer stuff :great...Fran Drescher talking about it: nails on a 
chalkboard.  And I could've done without seeing Kelly Clarkson.  I'm cool 
with En Vogue and Angie Stone, and honestly I was ecstatic to hear Never 
Gonna Get It live again.  And I'm dreading the "all-star salute to the 

En Vogue is on now and I'm think "why the hell don't have an En Vogue CD?".  
Now Kelly Clarkson is with them doing "Free Your Mind", and I find it funny 
that she sang a line about straightening her hair, when not only is she 
white, but she has wavy hair.  And I'm also remembering when En Vogue was on 
A Different World...ahhh, nineties memories.

I liked Angie Stone's performance.  Granted, I missed most of it because I 
was laying down a guitar track. Meh.  Blondie again, minus Shirl, I'm laying 
down more guitar.

What the hell happened to Thora Birch?  She kind of looks like a wannabe 
Charlize Theron.  So Call Me must be the All-Star Tribute to the 80s.  Hmmm.

Call Me: I fear there's going to be a sassy walk on.  Ohhh, Shirley did the 
sassy walk on.  Mmmmm her voice sounds so very good.  I love how everyone's 
in a line and Shirl just wandered out of it.  Yaay.

It makes me so happy to hear her sing again.  I forgot that excited feeling 
I get when I hear her voice, it makes me just wanna pick up my guitar and 
play for hours.  It reinspires me.  Enough of my prattling.


"Every day like Jesus He's not up there, He can't see us. Maybe.  Eyes 
uplifted slowly, for effect, the land below me far away."

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