[Trash-talk] D12 - "Get The Dick" ?

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 06:45:58 PDT 2004

I hate Eminem & D12. Oh well, I guess I'll have to
download this song anyways (because it mentions
Shirley) I can't figure out if it's an insult or not.
But then doesn't Eminem always insult others? I don't
mean to offend any Eminem fans out there.


--- "starvin' @nette" <bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com>

> D12 is Eminem's band. Haven't you heard their song
> My Band? They're 
> singing/rapping about nobody knowing who D12 are,
> but everyone wants a piece 
> of Eminem. Hehe, it's quite funny.
> @nette
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> >Subject: [Trash-talk] D12 - "Get The Dick" ?
> >Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 11:34:04 +0200
> >
> >Warsaw/Pl | Sunday, October 17, 2004
> >
> >yes it is garbage related.
> >in  the  lyrics  of D12's - "Get The Dick" (never
> heard of this band) we
> >can read:
> >
> >Give me a mob
> >Let me champ one
> >Steadily handsome
> >Black and like temper tantrums
> >Spitting like automatic handguns
> >Can't run
> >Your style is more garbage than Shirley Manson
> >You got a platinum single, Roley, and money
> >I'm bummy but I bet I can get your bitch
> >To beat my dick for me
> >
> >havent  read  the  whole song text yet, and i
> havent heard it of course,
> >but I was wondering if anyone heard something about
> it, supposedly there
> >were  some  discussions of some message boards (i
> dont frequent any so i
> >wouldnt  know)  whether its a praise or an
> insult;)... or if any of your
> >cares about this little info. lol.

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