[Trash-talk] Looks like the Manson duet didn't work

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 05:31:06 PDT 2004

>From MTV.com

Lest We Forget, which dropped Tuesday, spans from
"Lunchbox" and "Get Your Gunn," the title tracks from
two EPs released in 1994, to "mOBSCENE" and "This Is
the New Sh--," off last year's The Golden Age of
Grotesque. It also includes a new song, a cover of
Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus," that may have never
come to pass were it not for a duet with Garbage's
Shirley Manson that fell short of Marilyn's standards.

"That's what we were originally planning to do for
this album, but the track didn't really come out
exactly how we wanted it," Manson explained. "It
wasn't fantastic enough to even be on either of our
albums. ... I wasn't in the best frame of mind when I
did it, and I had to take some time away, and that's
when I had a moment of clarity and 'Personal Jesus'
came to mind."

Despite the setback, Manson isn't swearing off future
collaborations with the female Manson in song.

"It was through no fault of either one of us," he
said. "I think we may end up doing something good
together, so we want to try again later. I liked
working with her, and we sounded good together. We
looked good together, too."

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