[Trash-talk] me on the weakest link

marta redgilda at garbage.pl
Mon Nov 1 08:35:02 PST 2004

             Warsaw/Pl | Monday, November 1, 2004
On Monday, November 1, 2004 [12:08] xshirleyxvixenx *~* wrote:

x> http://homepage.mac.com/iabbott/iMovieTheater26.html (20MB)
x> very exciting. hmm..

excellent  :)  I  love the look on your face when they tell you you were
the strongest link after round 1 hehe

so who won anyway?:)

i  didnt understand most of the questions (damn and I thought my english
is  good)  but  i  would have answered the three musketeers one ;) which
would be about the only one I would get right...

it was cool seeing you :)
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