[Trash-talk] The Oscar Meyer Event

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Sun May 30 12:38:52 PDT 2004

This is just random stuff that someone else posted on LJ TT.

Some press sighting from Saturday's event:

"It was that kind of night Saturday as Dragland joined Ben Sidran, professor 
Richard Davis (the pleasure is all ours, sir), Shirley Manson (proved she's 
got the pipes to be more than a pop idol), Tracy Nelson (tore the house up 
with a divine voice full of passion and grace), "West Side Andy" Linderman 
and Mel Ford (fabulous blues riffs) and The New Breed Quintet (tight, hot) 
on stage to give the old theater and the sold-out crowd one last night of 


Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson, in full chanteuse regalia, fronting the 
quartet with a smoldering version of the Peggy Lee torcher "Fever" that 
aroused more than musical appreciation among many audience members.


Btw, Shirley's sister is getting married next month...
"With some 20 years experience at Klownz under her belt Sonya Moore was 
happy to be off duty for a change though the imminent visit of Garbage 
singer and friend Shirley Manson for a style-up will probably change all 

"Shirley will be in town next month for her sister’s wedding so she’ll 
probably pop in here to get her hair done," said Sonya over a jar of 
champagne. "

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