[Trash-talk] HOAHB album tracks

xshirleyxvixenx *~* shirleyvixen at hotmail.com
Sun May 30 12:33:25 PDT 2004

>Working title for new album: Hands On A Hard Body

I can't even describe why I detest that name but I just do. I think it's 
just.. not nice. I'm weird about stuff like that.

I was going to say what I thought each of the songs was going to be like 
based on the names but I'm not going to be bitchy and all negative just yet.

So what does anyone else think and then we can compare if the songs actually 
make it.

>Be my Bad Boyfriend
>Why don't you come over
>It's all over but the Crying.
>Sex is not the Enemy
>Hanging with the Bitches
>Why don't you love Me.
>Calling All Girls
>Bleed Like Me
>Right Between the Eyes
>Space Can come Through Anyone
>Nobody Can Win


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